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Root Z71/Spice Mi300 [Gingerbread is available to flash]

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Below process is applicable to all z71 clones, hit Google Search to find if your device is one of it.

I am among those very frustrated people who own a really good handset but was not able to utilize the full potential.

I bought the Spice Mi300 as soon as it was launched in the market, it came with 1.6 version, not a really good one, I was just happy to hold an android as I knew there is much to come in near future. As expected 2.1 Eclair was soon out and in my hand and here is where all the trouble started.

2.1 Eclair is a good stable version and it helped my handset to out-perform many of my expectations, yet I was half hearted on Froyo and soon to see Gingerbread being out there and not on my handset. Here the journey started of me exploring the way I can break my phone.

As many proud owners of this exquisite device know it is really hard to find proper and safe way to root it, which I learnt after exploring all the options for couple of months. So here is the rescue.

Below steps are safe and 100% guaranteed root success. “Safe” till you follow the steps exactly, I see it on all posts people say you may brick your phone if done wrong, so here you will not brick anything, this is easiest way to do the work.

Rooting your device:

  1. Handset is running on 2.1 Eclair [obvious part as all Spice Mi300 are on 2.1] and has a good internet connectivity [GPRS/Wifi, need it for rooting, do not freak out if connection breaks, only thing that can happen is your device will not be rooted]
  2. Download and install Z4Root v1.3.0 to your handset from here or hit Google Search for the same.
  3. Launch the application and hit Permanent Root option.
  4. You will see the application processing the data, it needs to download some files online in this process and hence it will take time based on your online connectivity [GPRS: approx 20min, WiFi: approx 8 min]
  5. If the online connectivity is slow on your device it might look like the app is running without any results, just let it run as it will show you the message stating either success or failure.
  6. Once the process is completed and which will do with just good internet connectivity, you will be holding a rooted device in your hand.
  7. To verify you will be having a SuperUser in your applications list in app drawer.

Flashing Recovery Image and Backup Stock OS:

We try to explore dangerous worlds yet always like to come back to the safe home, so is true for the rooted users, we need our stock OS say for the warranty or when we screw things up.

To continue, we know Spice Mi300 on 2.1 Eclair does not have a recovery image, means for those who tried the Camera+VolumeUp+Power buttons as stated on multiple forums, stop doing so as it will never work, you need to have a recovery image flashed to your device in order for that to work and that is what we will do here and also install the amazing custom roms.

  1. Once rooted your device, open market and download the application Rom Manager [free version is good enough]
  2. Launch the Rom Manager [prompts for superuser access, provide it] and the first thing to do is to Flash Recovery image, hit Flash ClockworkMod Recovery, select z71 as the phone model. Again it downloads the recovery image so make sure your device is connected to internet. You can see the download status in the top bar of the app.
  3. Now you will have recovery image on your device and this is really important to have, take a backup of your Stock OS so you can revert back anytime. The option is present in Backup and Restore option under Rom Manager, the process runs through a wizard and easy to follow, hence I will not explain it here.
  4. Once done, backup image will be stored on your SD card. [Word of caution, copy the backup image to your computer and store it in a safe place so you can get it back even if you format your memory card]
  5. This will prepare your device for the Custom Rom world.

Installing a Custom Rom:

The best place to look for a Custom Rom is http://www.cyanogenmod.com/. You will find Stable as well as Nightly builds here, just select your device and download the needed Rom. Those who have a good data plan [running on 3G or WiFi] can also download the Rom directly through your Rom Manager. I tried Froyo for few days and now running on Gingerbread which is a Nightly build [Refer the Cyanogenmod website to know difference between Stable and Nightly builds] and found it really good to stick on though with some glitches [not really a show blocker kind], hey I rooted my device for this.

With all rooting, recovering and backup up, you will now be almost an expert in handling a root device, so below steps will be a walk in a park.

  1. Download the Custom rom from http://www.cyanogenmod.com/ and make sure to download the Google Apps zip too for the Rom respectively [you will know why Google apps when you go to download the Rom, to say Google apps are not included in the Rom due to licensing issues, I still love cyanogen community.
  2. Copy both the Rom and the Google Apps zip files to your memory card.
  3. Now launch the Rom Manager and select Install Rom From SD Card, browse to the Custom Rom zip file and select it. When prompted select the option Backup Existing Rom and Wipe Data and Cache both the check boxes.
  4. On prompt asking permission to boot into recovery and install, click OK. Your device will boot into recovery mode and starts the installation of the ROM.
  5. Do not disturb the process and leave the device idle till it completes the process.
  6. On successful completion you will be having a custom ROM flashed on your device.
  7. We are not done yet, proceed the same way to install the Google Apps and once done you will be owning a custom flashed device.

Feel free to write back any queries you have with the process listed above and I will be happy to reply back. Have fun and keep flashing 🙂


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February 14, 2011 at 1:55 pm

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